Protect, Monitor, Detect and Secure our customers systems and data to meet their mission successfully.

Cybersecurity is a coordinated activity that involves multidisciplinary teams in an organization.  The maturity of Governance, Risk and Compliance determines the agility of the organization in ensuring success in its mission.   At S-Nimbus we understand the roles, goals of the mission to ensure success in cybersecurity practice. Our products and solutions are used daily by our customers to help them with automatic compliance and security on the cloud.  We create a refined structured approach to risk management and governance.  Some of our Cybersecurity practise areas are:

  • Cyber Situational Awareness and trust
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Incident Response
  • Real-time anomaly detection (AIOps)
  • Continuous Authority to Operate(ATO)
  • Risk Management Framework Assessments
  • FISMA Assessments

Our Products

  1. ComplianceSeal
  2. Know My Cloud
  3. CMMC Toolbox


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