Data Management

We collect, organize and present your organization data to help you make empirical decisions.  Our data analytics team will make clean data and easy access a cornerstone for your decision support systems.

Organizations have well-defined strategies on Project Management, Operations and Service Delivery to meet their mission. Most often the common factor that determines the success and agility of an organization is its data.  We have seen data mismanagement, chaos and data islands resulting in cost escalation and delivery issues.  

At S-Nimbus, we believe trust in data is critical for our customers success. With our data-first strategy we help our customers identify disparate sources and bring them together to meet the goals of the mission.  Our team brings metadata management best practices to ensure ease, efficiency and security. Our team combines best-in-class data analytics and governance to help our customers to make decisions and gain insights.

Some of the areas we focus on in our Data Management practice are as follows:

  1. Data Security, Governance, Privacy and Policy Management
  2. Data Reporting, Dashboard and Metadata Management
  3. Data Integration with Data Warehouse, Data Lakes
  4. Data Integration with Enterprise and Cloud Application
  5. API development
  6. Data Automation for DevSecOps and Quality Assurance Testing
  7. Executive report and public data request management


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