Identity Management

Making the organizations smarter and safer with our Identity and Credential Management Solutions

We understand Identity and Access Management are critical for an organization’s existence.  Having secure and trusted Authentication and Credential Management systems is important to protect organization’s assets.  At S-Nimbus we understand HSPD-12, FIPS 201, FICAM, FIDO2, PIV/PIV-I and PKI technologies.  Our Identity and Access Management Professionals know areas where the technology presents operational challenges to applications that leverage PIV/CAC credentials. S-Nimbus places great emphasis on addressing operational challenges by providing services that solve these challenges head-on. S-Nimbus offers strategic services that have the potential to greatly enhance the CyberSecurity posture of the Federal enterprise.

Some of the areas we focus on in our Identity Management practice are as follows:

  • Identity Management in the Cloud, Hybrid and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Single Sign On and Credentialing management with Biometrics
  • Security Policy Development: We develop, deploy, review, and enforce security policies that satisfy business objectives and government regulations
  • Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM): We develop RTMs that trace requirements from source documents to test document
  • Security Architecture: We develop security architectures and conduct architecture reviews
  • FICAM Segment Architecture compliance assessments: We provide services that meet FICAM requirements


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