Artificial Intelligence

We let Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning work for you not the other way around.  Let us help you to have AI/ML to be part of your business strategy.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is no longer a confined to academia and fiction. For the success of the organization’s mission, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence should be part of the organization’s’ strategy.  S-Nimbus knows how to make Artificial Intelligence work for you and not the other way round.  Our data scientists use machine learning (ML) to design and apply algorithms to your data and train the models based on your past use cases. We use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to predict the probability of events and user behaviors. We help our customer understand and operationalize data for analysis, prediction, problem-solving and analytical reasoning.

Some of our practise areas in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

  • Machine Learning Survey analytics
  • Intelligent CyberSecurity Operations and Insider threat anomalies
  • User behavioral Analysis
  • Health risks modeling and prediction
  • Compliance and Risk Mitigation and Management


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